TRANSFR VR was founded on the belief that learning is about enhancing the human experience. Technology should enable us to explore our potential, leverage our curiosity, and push toward our goals.

Connecting Virtual Skills
to Real Opportunities

Today’s learning environments are largely content-first, learner-second. This approach fails to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of individuals, cutting opportunities short for potential hires and employers alike. In order to reach a more diverse pool of future employees, TRANSFR has developed a mentor-based VR training program that personalizes training to the individual for a one-on-one experience that accelerates learning and ensures retention.

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TRANSFR VR Apprenticeships equip trainees with the knowledge and confidence they need to achieve their potential and succeed in their professional role.


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Our Technology

TRANSFR VR’s core technology is a dialogue system between the trainee and our virtual coach. This unique VR apprenticeship model lets trainees move at their own pace and provides strategic, specific feedback to help them learn from their mistakes and master the skills they need to successfully perform their job.

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, TRANSFR VR has built an intelligent system that harnesses the data generated by VR to quantify each trainee’s behavior within our VR experience. As trainees engage in our simulations we collect every movement, body gesture, verbal response, and choice they make, providing us with insight into their individual learning process. With this fine-grained data we can identify misconceptions, errors, and areas for improvement that can be used to scaffold the learning in real-time.

Our simulated environment examines how a trainee engages in learning and provides an estimate of how far a trainee is from mastering that skill. This system is driven by machine learning algorithms that capture behavioral trends such as efficiency, misconceptions, and error corrections. Our algorithms are transferable to most tasks and environments, providing one of the first comprehensive data-driven examinations of mastery within VR training environments.

Immersed in this virtual environment, trainees can acquire and practice new skills without fear of failure, all while being supported by a responsive virtual mentor who helps guide them to mastery.

Our Team

We are dedicated to using virtual reality to help people. An experienced team of education entrepreneurs, cognitive scientists, community leaders, virtual reality developers, and creators, we are committed to introducing the world to a better way to learn. We’ve worked together to create an environment that’s immersive, intelligent, and engaging so that every individual has the opportunity to discover and develop their passions and potential.