The Team


Bharani Rajakumar, the founder of TRANSFR, is on a mission to make learning more intuitive so that people can develop the skills needed to succeed in their careers.

This is Rajakumar’s second education technology company with its sights set on transforming the way people learn and achieve. He was the co-founder of math tutoring software LearnBop, which was acquired in 2014 by online learning company, K12 Inc.

Born in South India, Rajakumar moved with his family to Florida and fully bought into in the American ideal that if you got a good education and worked hard, the sky’s the limit for your dreams. He earned $5.25 an hour working at his first job at Wendy’s. Through a state program for high school students, Rajakumar earned a full academic scholarship to the University of Florida, majoring in finance. Next, he spent five years at a New York City investment bank. He chose to leave the financial services industry when he observed that not everyone gets an equal opportunity to have steady work, and wanted to find a way to make a difference. He knew technology could help.

Rajakumar pivoted to Carnegie Mellon University, where he earned his MBA and was offered an opportunity to take the same classes as the PhD education researchers - which he excitedly accepted. While in Pittsburgh, he was selected to be a Swartz Entrepreneurship Fellow and co-founded LearnBop, which won several industry awards and had several demonstrable efficacy studies with schools. In 2016, Rajakumar was presented with the “Outstanding Leader of the Year” award by the US Distance Learning Association.

In October 2017, he started TRANSFR using his understanding of how people learn, what gets them excited about learning and, critically, what kinds of skills they need to master, to open up a pathway to career success.

TRANSFR fills a deep need for individuals, for companies and for the economy.