“TRANSFR enables us to provide high quality hands-on, work-based learning experiences in a post-COVID world in which students have limited access to our campus facilities or job sites."

Alex Jones, College of Marin

"JumpStartAL and TRANSFR have a shared vision of ensuring Alabama and its citizens are well positioned for a prosperous and inclusive future in the 21st century economy. TRANSFR enables us to align business and industry needs with career pathways utilizing virtual reality."

Katelyn Cutshall, Alabama Power Company

“Very responsive controls that give the illusion of hands-on training. I like being able to learn from my mistakes in VR to better me for the real thing.”


“I like the simple tutorials. I liked that it told you if your answer was right or wrong. I liked how it felt like the tools were really there in front of you.”


“If we deploy the technology in schools and have kids learning skills that are in high demand for four years, by the time they graduate they are ready for a career without evening knowing it.”

Brooks McClendon, Membership Director, Manufacture Alabama

“We were looking for new, innovative and scalable ways of conducting hands-on training. TRANSFR listened to what we needed, they got it, and designed modules specifically for us. Anything that we can convert to VR with TRANSFR can save time and money.”

Jacqueline Allen Communications and External Affairs Director, AIDT

“Too many times in the past (as is the case with much of rural America) our children have been our #1 export. I believe our approach will foster bold new innovation in the way we educate our children while providing a better prepared workforce for new and existing industries …..AND….. most importantly, this program will connect HR managers directly with our K-12 schools. By doing so, we ensure our local K-12/Community College curriculum is enhanced to include the key skills needed for 21st Century Industries. We are growing a workforce with the knowledge and skills needed locally and abroad.”

Mayor Sheldon Day, Thomasville, Alabama

"It was a new experience. It was “one-on-one” training."


"It lets you see everything face to face and actually try it."