Build a Classroom to Career Talent Pipeline

Close the skills gap for roles you’re looking to fill and create alternative pathways to career success for candidates you’ll retain


Develop a Pipeline of Job-Ready
Candidates You'll Retain

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Safely replicate an on-the-job environment anywhere — in rural areas, at home, in the classroom — without the overhead of a multi-million dollar training facility.

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Increase employee retention through simulation-based training that gives candidates on-the-job experience so that they know what to expect before they start working for you.

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Work with education and local government in your community to build training programs that reduce turnover and training costs and that align with industry standards.

Looking To Upskill And Retain Valued Workers?

Download the success story to see how Mazda Toyota manufacturing trained its team to troubleshoot paint robots before the machines were installed on site.


We replaced classroom training with one instructor and slide presentations for a class of 25 people sitting and listening, with training that allows people to hear personalized instruction in their ear, pick up the tools, put their hands on them, and touch them in the simulated environment. To me that’s the big ticket.

Adam Carson

Adam Carson
Business Operations Manager, Defense Industry Manufacturer

Paint Robot Troubleshooting

When an entire production line shuts down due to a failure of a paint robot, every minute saved troubleshooting counts.

Digital Coach

A digital coach guides trainees through a 10 to 15 minute supervised tutorial where they interact with realistic tools and environments appropriate to the skill set.