Experience TRANSFR Augmented Reality

Explore the world of TRANSFR with the help of our virtual trainer, Simon, through augmented reality. In this experience, you will learn about virtual training in three states, explore job profiles, interact with our real simulations, explore jobs and even try on gear; all from anywhere.

Building Awareness Using Augmented Reality
In Three Easy Steps

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1. On Any Mobile Device (IOS or Android)

2. Click the Launch Button

3. Enjoy the Experience! 



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You just can’t beat a real VR demo but this is the next best thing! Pulled straight from our actual SIMs, explore our environments in 360, check out our props in 3D.

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Learn from live data stories about top-in-demand professions, what's involved, and how to get started from the experts. Don’t forget to digitally “try” the job on for size with our photo feature!

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Go From Classroom To Career With AR


This AR experience will allow students to learn about key Manufacturing occupations, where they can train for these jobs, who is employing for these roles, and what a future might look like through this type of employment. It's a complete playbook for success. 

Experience Features:


  • Profiles Top 5 Unfilled Manufacturing Occupations.

  • Real Job Data: Average salaries, Career Trajectories, and More!

  • A Product Demo Experience In AR

  • A Fun Shareable Social Experience 

Want To Learn More About Manufacturing Jobs
Without A Mobile Device?

Click the link below for our web-based manufacturing job experience.