The TRANSFR Platform: From Skills Mastery to Jobs

TRANSFR’s Virtual Training Facility is designed to provide trainees with a personalized path to master the hands-on skills required for on-the-job success.


TRANSFR Virtual Training Facility

TRANSFR simulations teach trainees in the same way that experts teach novices — through trial and error — with the guidance of a digital coach.

Our subject matter experts ensure our immersive training simulations are designed to be authentic, efficient, engaging, and effective, and aligned with industry standards. Trainees master skills at their own pace and receive direct one-to-one feedback from the digital coach. In less than an hour trainees master skills required to perform them on the job.

Within the VR experience TRANSFR continuously evaluates trainee engagement and quantifies their behaviors as they progress towards skill mastery. This intelligent system is driven by machine learning algorithms that capture behavioral trends in the trainee’s performance.

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Mastery Algorithms

The TRANSFR platform is designed to measure every aspect of trainee performance. It captures a detailed and accurate estimate of how much trainees are learning and how much practice to give trainees to enable them to succeed on the job.

This platform captures behavioral trends such as efficiency, misconceptions, and error corrections, providing one of the first comprehensive data-driven examinations of mastery within a simulation-based environment. 

We have proven this out in exercises with employers who performed pre- and post-training assessments on candidates. Not only have initial cohorts shown a greater than 95% job placement, but nearly all have retained their jobs for over six months.

Digital Coach

Digital Coach

A digital coach guides trainees through 10-to-15 minute tutorials where they interact with realistic tools and environments and receive live feedback based on their actions. The one-to-one relationship of digital coach to trainee provides a level of consistency and personal attention that isn’t possible in a traditional teacher-student environment, and also gives trainees the freedom to fail without being subject to peer pressure.

Trainees develop the confidence they need to:

  • complete the training within the simulation, and then
  • transfer their new skills to a real-world environment 

The one-to-one coaching that TRANSFR delivers cannot be replicated in a classroom.

Performance Dashboard

The Virtual Training Facility platform gives instructors insights into class performance and where students and trainees exceed or face challenges.

The dashboard’s customized scoring fosters mastery through repetition of actions and skills. It assigns weights to different steps depending on their individual importance or difficulty. Instructors can quickly review student performance (score, status, time spent, number of attempts, etc.) and make changes as required.

The platform combines a learner’s in-game play data with real-world business data, providing a ground truth in understanding how users’ performance in the training system is related to real-world outcomes. It then provides trainees with personalized feedback that helps them become more proficient.


“I like being able to learn from my mistakes in VR to better prepare me for the real thing.”

"I enjoyed the hands-on interaction. It allows you to more actively participate, which for me, results in a better understanding of material.”


Digital Coaching

A digital coach guides trainees through a 10 to 15 minute supervised tutorial where they interact with realistic tools and environments appropriate to the skill set.

Experience Immersive Learning with TRANSFR

TRANSFR safely replicates an on-the-job environment anywhere — in rural areas, at home, in the classroom — without the overhead of a multi-million dollar training facility while reducing training time compared to a traditional training environment.