Our goal is to help elevate individuals and industries through TRANSFR’s VR Apprenticeship Platform. This technology is applicable to nearly every industry and promises to revolutionize the way we train and develop our workforces.

We work closely with employers to understand their standards, expectations, and requirements for a particular role. Using that knowledge, we create a TRANSFR VR Apprenticeship that coaches trainees through learning and practicing the skills required for the job. Once the trainee has mastered the skills in VR, he or she practices and showcases those skills in the real world.


Worldwide, the hospitality industry employs over 100 million people in a variety of roles. TRANSFR’s VR Apprenticeship Platform offers these companies a highly-scalable opportunity to increase the quality of their training as well as their customer service across restaurants, hotels and tourism. Our simulations are customized to a company’s standard operating procedures, giving management the ability to standardize training to ensure all guests have an on-brand experience. Our learning analytics provide trainees with the clear progress and personalized coaching they need to successfully complete their training and master the skills needed to become quality representatives of the company brand.

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Effective surgery training can be a matter of life and death, but training surgeons is expensive. TRANSFR’s VR Apprenticeship Platform provides a scalable training model for surgeons that grants them access to learning experiences that simulate the technical and psychological pressures of performing surgical procedures. Our VR simulations provide surgeons with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the declarative and procedural knowledge required to perform a given surgery and accelerate their observational learning in the operating room.

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Without access to the proper equipment and experts, training to become a chef has become difficult and cost prohibitive. TRANSFR’s VR Apprenticeship Platform provides trainees an opportunity to gain the exposure to and hands-on experience with all the tools and procedures required to get started in the kitchen. This leg up on the industry can be afforded to a broad class of trainees, not just a select few, opening up more opportunities for potential development.

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