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“Our training simulation is not about the “cool factor” it’s about helping people improve performance on the job.”

Solving your
training challenges

Feel the Action

TRANSFR training is engaging, immersive, and delivers a superior learning experience; but unlike other virtual reality training, which often focus on the bells and whistles, TRANSFR is a first-person trainer platform. TRANSFR designs learning experiences for specific jobs that employers need to fill in various industries such as manufacturing and hospitality. We work with employers to determine what goes into the training and use data to determine the shortest path to help a potential hire acquire the skills for the job.

Coaching Trains for Mastery

1 on 1 coaching can dramatically impact learning outcomes. TRANSFR’s hands-on Experience Training programs are personalized and scalable. TRANSFR uses predictive analytics that tie a trainee’s performance directly to business data. AI and machine learning models understand how individuals learn, identify what skills they need to master and deliver personalized feedback on how to improve. There is no performance anxiety: because the personalized feedback takes place in virtual reality, only the trainee knows how they’re progressing.

No Hazardous
Materials Necessary

TRANSFR eliminates the need for a large, central training facility. Headsets are portable, training can be deployed in schools, at factories, at community centers, at training centers and on-site. There is no need for expensive materials, or handle-with-caution equipment such as power saws, welding torches and the like. Trainees learn to work with these machines and expensive materials virtually, so when they ultimately use them in real life, they know what’s at stake.

Measure Twice,
Cut Once

Like that old carpenter’s saying, TRANSFR lets employers see if the potential employee is right for the job and lets the trainee experience whether the job is suited for them. The advantages for both are clear: employers can spot potential hires who are adept and rapidly move them into positions, and trainees can get a very real sense of whether they are suited for the job. Recruiting and training costs are reduced. Business operations are improved, saving time and money.

TRANSFR Experience Learning Solves
Your Training Challenges

  • Rapid acquisition of “on-the-job” experience and expectations
  • Automated and personalized coaching shows trainees their mistakes
  • Performance potential scores are tallied before job placement
  • Standardardized training across all locations
  • Reduced training time and reliability increased
group of young men listening to instructor girl learnng to cut metal on band saw with instructor