Live It to Learn It

Traditional learning methodology places the burden on the trainee and relies on a pass or fail model to assess proficiency. Instead, TRANSFR’s VR Apprenticeship Platform creates an experiential learning environment that enables trainees to grasp complex concepts faster and with a deeper understanding — creating a clear path to success for every trainee.

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Break Outside the Classroom

Compared to traditional classroom and even eLearning, VR offers a more powerful way to engage and motivate active learners. Our immersive VR platform creates memorable experiences where trainees have a sense of agency that promotes the real-world transfer of skills. Trainee movements and reactions can be tracked for rich learning data that informs more effective instruction. This highly scalable model is more enjoyable and effective for trainees, and far more efficient for employers.

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Data-Driven Development

Our unique virtual reality algorithms quantify whether a trainee has mastered declarative and procedural knowledge and acquired the skills necessary for high performance on the job. Using data mining techniques and learning sciences, we’ve developed a platform that gives employers access to real-time data and analytics. This learner-focused approach coupled with our ability to track and analyze metrics improves the learning and development landscape for both employers and employees.

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