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Experience Training

We provide engaging, hands-on training in a way that online lectures cannot.

TRANSFR provides a better way to train young adults for the skills they need to succeed on the job. We focus on developing a pipeline of talent for jobs that are going unfilled, significantly reducing cost and risk.

We produce job-training simulations in virtual reality designed by each industry that teaches novices in the same manner that experts master their crafts - through trial and error. Data-driven simulations work like virtual coaches, adapting to every person’s pace and skills while responding to their mistakes. Our immersive Experience Training method helps trainees build confidence in their knowledge, skills and abilities.

"The traditional education system is set up to weed people out. TRANSFR is for people who seek an alternative path to a great career after high school. It’s a powerful technology for novice learners to model their behavior after experts."

Bharani Rajakumar,

The Challenges We Address

Millions of jobs that pay middle income wages and are the first step on the career ladder are going unfilled. A big reason? Young people, including high school students, aren’t interested in them.

Manufacturers in particular face a looming crisis: 40% of the workforce will retire in the next ten years, with no talent to fill the pipeline.

The problem is perception. Many see manufacturing as smoke stacks and steel mills. Dark, dirty jobs. Not true. Factory floors are tech-forward. The work pays a middle income wage with benefits. People who hold these jobs often go on to higher education, which the companies finance.

America’s employers spend approximately $22 billion each year on college and university tuition in the form of tuition assistance programs (TAP).

Traditional training is expensive, inefficient and often ineffective.

$440 billion was spent on training in 2015. A lot is outsourced, isn’t designed to track to specific jobs and often uses outdated techniques and old tools. Learning the “old way” -- through videos, lectures and powerpoints and ending with a test -- isn’t suited for everyone. Students learn best and retain what they learn when they have agency over their own experience. And, they learn when it’s relevant to them.

Experience Training

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training time
and cost by 50%

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among trainees

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TRANSFR Experience Training is risk-free and scalable for employers.

TRANSFR helps companies increase competency of trainees, resulting in a pool of candidates who are pre-qualified for their jobs.

We train by doing.
Not lectures.

Our Experience Training model significantly increases how a trainee:

Acquires Skills

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Retains Knowledge

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Performs the work in real life

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